As our agency slowly returns to normal and our programs for people supported resume, we can now address the gravity of the toll Covid took on our financial situation with our donations down by a stunning 66%.


Most of our programs are supported through government funding from the Ministry of Children and Community Social Services (MCCSS) with enhancement from family and community friends’ donations. However, a fundamental piece of our ability to provide life enriching programs for people is transportation and this is something that the MCCSS does not fund at all.


This means that the cost of purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle, it’s maintenance, and gas falls fully on CLD.

Transportation is a vital need of the people we support, made more necessary now as our population ages. People require transportation to medical appointments, work, day programs, and leisure activities.  Without transportation to these activities, many of our members would be isolated, unable to see their friends or participate in interests that most of us take for granted.


In 2018, because of the generous support of our community members we were able to purchase a RAM ProMaster wheelchair accessible van. This van afforded us the ability to transport more people because of its unique seating configuration coupled with wheelchair locking mechanisms.

It provides extra leg room, mechanical lifts and appropriate restraints to enable people to ride safely while remaining in their wheelchairs.


Our need for an additional RAM ProMaster van is our greatest requirement at this time and so, we are initiating another fund-raising campaign this year.


The cost has risen exponentially due to Covid, inflation and supply chain issues. We are looking to fundraise $120,000 and so we are, once again asking for the community's help.

You can donate securely through ZEFFY or etransfer a donation to

Karen Murphy-Fritz at 2:22 PM
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