Give a Christmas campaign



As the holiday season approaches, and the excitement builds we all look forward to the special memories that will be made as we gather with loved ones to celebrate.

Community Living Dufferin supports people to live independently through our Supported Independent Living - SIL program.

For most of us, we find that our basic incomes are stretched during the holidays, but never more so than now. The cost of living continues to increase for all of us, but for those on Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) it has become much more difficult. After paying rent and utilities there is often very little leftover for necessities forcing some to rely on the Orangeville Food Bank to ensure nutrition is met.

Our annual Give a Christmas campaign brings joy to people whose need at Christmas is the greatest.

Today, we ask you to please consider assisting us in this campaign. Your donation of gift cards to local businesses will allow people to independently purchase groceries, warm clothing, personal hygiene or perhaps a couple of little extras not normally affordable. You can also use the ZEFFY button below to make a monetary donation allowing us to make purchases as needed throughout the coming year.

We thank you for your past support through your generous donations and hope that you might open your hearts once again to assist us.

Together we can make this holiday a little bit brighter.

We wish you and your loved ones a safe, warm and wonderful holiday season.


Click HERE to securely make a donation! Thank you.


Karen Murphy-Fritz at 4:30 PM
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