Greeting Cards

“Sometimes inspirations come from people with most unexpected results.”

Enable people with an intellectual disability to achieve their fullest potential


Ed Vanderveen, who attends the Options Day Program at Community Living Dufferin (CLD), enjoys the sheer delight of capturing events, expressions and moments of joy on film. It was Ed who was the inspiration behind the initiating and implementation of the photography club at CLD. Each week finds the members exploring our beautiful Dufferin County. The group of eager photographers shoot a wide variety of photographs from close-ups of bugs found on leaves, spectacular local waterfalls and ponds, Christmas décor and vintage items found on their travels. These initial photographs were spectacular and this is what inspired us to promote the newfound talents of our club members and thus Click Connect was formed. It is CLD’s aim to offer them an opportunity to promote their photography through venues within our community. The club has seen over 15 talented photographers through the years; each photographer brings to the collection their own interest and style. Two photographers shooting one particular item can offer two completely different perspectives to that item.

Today, over 10 years from its inception, Click Connect photos hang in private collections across North America. It is a proud moment for any artist to sell their work and make, perhaps what is their first real money for producing a piece that will grace someone’s wall. Knowing that someone will view what you created each and every day is inspiration beyond words.

People with an intellectual disability are not always seen for their true talents and abilities. A camera creates an even playing field where a disability is not evident and most certainly not a factor in the creation of art. For some of these photographers this is the first source of income they have ever had and that contributes to the sheer joy for not only the photographers but the staff who support these artists in fulfilling their dreams.

This line of greeting cards utilizes the photographs captured by these talented photographers.

100% of the profits from the sale of their cards and framed prints are paid directly to each artist.


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