Robert Bingham   Executive Director   Ext. 136  

Diane Slater    Director, Adult Services   Ext. 164  

Alexander Rowe  Director, Finance   Ext. 140  

Karen Bowen  Manager, Adult Services  Ext. 155  

Nadene Buck  Manager, Adult Services Ext. 142  

Teresa Donaldson Manager, Systems  Ext. 150  

Darlene Morrow  Manager, Adult Services and Supported Independent Living  Ext. 162  

Lindsay Pendleton  Manager, Adult Services and Employment Plus  

Paula Reynolds Manager, Adult Services Ext. 157 

Catherine Ryan Manager, Adult Services  Ext. 151  

Radana Ulrych Behaviour Therapist Assistant  Ext. 202      

Sara Donnelly  Finance Assistant   Ext. 153

Chris Hunt   Scheduling Supervisor   Ext. 137

Karen Murphy-Fritz   Executive Assistant    Ext. 165

Anshu Pabla Human Resources Assistant Ext. 174

Michelle Sajonas-Boswell Finance Clerk Ext. 126

Tammy Takacs  Human Resources Coordinator   Ext. 152