Robert Ingles has been employed part time at Wendy’s since 2002; he has worked hard each and every day for the last 12 years!  Roberts’s responsibilities at Wendy`s consist of cleaning the front lobby (clearing off the tables, washing the floors, checking the garbage and taking it out when needed). He will also go around the building and maintain the outside of it, making sure it is as presentable as can be.  Robert started working just 2 days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and then he had the opportunity to work an extra day and assist while unloading the delivery truck on a Sunday. Once Robert had worked a few of those Sunday shifts we asked Robert if this was something he liked to do he told us with excitement “It is my favourite part of the job”. This opportunity let him have the chance to work another day a week ensuring him a few extra hours and it also let him work closer with his co-workers building relationships. Robert has built great relationships with his co-workers as you can see in the above photo. Lou (in photo) has been Roberts’ manager for quite a while now and has nothing but the best to say about Robert and how he works.

Robert has an excellent work ethic; he works hard from the time he starts until his shift is over. He is completely independent at work as Employment Services only checks in once a month to ensure everything is going great and see if there are any concerns.  When going into Wendy’s you can always find Robert smiling at each customer that comes in the door and if they have any questions, he is eager to help them out. Robert’s always happy at work and friendly to everyone, co-workers and customers alike.

Robert is very close to his mother. Robert and his mom like to go to the casino sometimes and see what they can win! Robert will even take a bus on the odd Sunday alone to go down to the casino to spend the day. When Robert’s not trying to win the lottery you can find him watching one of his favourite shows Dancing with the Stars. He also likes to watch wrestling and likes to bowl as well, he has won many trophies for having the top score!

Robert is a great example for his fellow peers. Keep up the great work Robert!!