Jill Robinson has been an employee at Better Health Clinic now for a couple of months.

Jill completed Session one of our LEAF program with Employment Plus. She is currently completing the second session.
Jill often shows a positive attitude towards her peers and an understanding of the importance of commitment to keep a job. She has a wonderful sense of humor.

At Better Health Clinic Jill’s primary task is to complete the laundry for the health care providers. It involves her going to the laundry mat to wash and dry the laundry. She then goes back to the office and folds it all. When time allows Jill’s other tasks include helping the receptionist with administrative duties and some light cleaning responsibilities. Jill has a positive attitude and adds laughter to everyone’s day.

Jill has worked at QPAC for many years which further shows her dedication to her work.

Jill enjoys reading, going to the movies and hanging out with her friends. Jill has been saving her money to travel to Hawaii for a vacation. All of her hard work is paying off!

A big accomplishment for Jill this year was to speak at the AGM about her journey in the work field. She spoke with great enthusiasm and did very well!
We are very proud of Jill and her accomplishments.