David has been working with Employment Services since February 2016 when he participated in the L.E.A.F program.  David attended and completed the 12 week program just in time for a job interview at McDonalds.  Through what we saw of David in L.E.A.F it was not hard to determine that he would do well at McDonalds.   David has an excellent work Ethic.  He is never late and works hard from the time he starts work to the very end.  David has been working for McDonalds for almost 8 months now.  Recently Employment Services went in to make sure that David was happy in his job and that McDonalds was happy with his performance.  Julienne, one of his managers said “We wish all of our employees worked as hard as David!”  His other manager Erika said “David is a great self starter!  He works excellent on his own!”

Before David started working at McDonalds he took some initiative and successfully completed his Safe Food Handling Course.  This year David has also obtained his CPR/First Aid Course through the partnership of Employment Services and Link to Life Seminars.

Other than David’s work success, he also swims, practices Martial Arts and is a part of the options BBQ and book clubs.

We in Employment Services are very proud of David.  His effort and enthusiasm is truly inspirational.