Darrin came on to the Employment Service caseload in the late summer of 2016. We asked Darrin to attend the leaf per-employment training, it would allow employment staff to assess his skills and teach some of the skills that he would need to obtain and maintain a job.

Darrin was willing and approached it with eagerness and willingness to do what he needed to do as he was very motivated to get a job. He did very well and it became clear that he would be a successful candidate for a job by the end of the training.

During this training Darrin spoke about the volunteering he had done during the summer at Team works summer camp. He told many stories of the children he helped with and it was clear that he really enjoyed it!

As the LEAF program was coming to a close, a job opportunity for a lunch supervisor at a local school became available. It was felt that due to the success Darrin had at Leaf and his experience and excitement for the summer camp it was a great fit for Darrin.

Darrin interviewed and has become a very popular supervisor and takes his job very seriously. Darrin’s work ethic has recently shown brightly as he could have taken this summer off as his current job allowed but instead decided to interview for a paid camp councillor at Team works. He was successful in this and will be working all summer! Darrin has also worked this year in a six week swimming program for team works for 1 hour a week helping children in the pool.

Affectionately known as Mr. J by the kids, Darrin is an example to his peers and is very deserving of this quest for success award!!