Adam Thompson has used his creativity to cope through COVID and with a generous grant from our friends at Morningview Foundation he has turned his passion for art into a social enterprise business; Adams T Wear.
See the link below for the full story as shared by Tabitha Wells with Adam and Robert Bingham.–only-way-i-can-get-through-it-creativity-to-inspire-the-fight-to-end-covid/
If you are interested in purchasing an Adams Wear t-shirt email
The first lot have sold out, but Adam is taking pre-orders for the next run.

Jeremy Huntley and JJ along with a collection of other colourful puppets and with the support of his parents Teresa and Ken brought the Joke of the Week video segments to viewers via email. They started the series with the 12 days of Christmas and despite the lockdown imposed after Christmas they have continued to create videos to share with us all. Laughter they say is the best medicine and Jeremy really knows how to make us all laugh and forget our worries if only for a few moments. The newest segments include Jeremy’s Fast Facts and if you know Jeremy at all you know that he is full of fascinating, often little-known facts that he loves to share with everyone. If you are interested in receiving the weekly emailed videos send me an email to forward to the Huntleys to be included.

CTV news segment—Toronto Together
On February 5th, Adam and Jeremy were interviewed by CTV’s Sarah Virro for a segment called Toronto Together hosted by Lyndsay Morrison.
The gentlemen spoke to Sarah about the projects they undertook during COVID with the goal of spreading some cheer and hope to their family and friends during this difficult time.
The segment was shown on CTV news on February 16, we hope you had the opportunity to see them, if not check out the CTV website link here.  They start at 41:40

Adam Jeremy and JJ