About Us

Our Mission

Community Living Dufferin promotes equal opportunity and respect for people who have developmental disabilities by listening to them and supporting their choices to achieve the lives they want.



Community Living Dufferin envisions communities that create opportunities to connect all people to a place where:

  • Following your dreams is encouraged,
  • Everyone can live with respect and dignity,
  • Everyone can participate and contribute their gifts and talent.



Community Living Dufferin believes:

  • In the individuality and uniqueness of each person
  • In each person’s right to live with dignity as a valued member of our community
  • In practicing active listening so we may effectively support people in making informed decisions about their lives
  • In being accountable to those we support, their families, and partners
  • In creating a culture of learning for those we support, our staff and volunteers
  • In everyone’s ability to contribute to their own well being as well as the economic, social and cultural dimensions of our community
  • In educating others concerning the mission, vision and values of Community Living Dufferin
  • In looking to our community and partners to find support services and solutions that will benefit those we support