Josh started working with the Maintenance Department of Dufferin Child and Family Services on June 21st, 2016. He works Monday to Friday in the afternoons cleaning and preparing the building for the evening groups and events.

In the beginning, the most challenging part of his job was learning the outlay of the building because it is so big and confusing! However Josh soon got comfortable with the building and his duties.
Josh has done extremely well since he started and has taken on more and more duties and responsibilities. Due to the nature of the agency, the public does not have access to the building other than the lobby and reception area. The employees at DCAF have access to all of the building with a fob. Josh was thrilled to be trusted with his own fob and often jokes with us that we cannot get around the building without him!

He is very proud of this responsibility.

Because Josh has done so well, he was asked to fill in for Tim the full time maintenance man, so that he could take a weeks vacation. Josh did an amazing job!!
When asked what he likes about his position Josh told me that he really likes his job because the people are really nice, it is quiet, he works independently and it pays really good!
Josh also said “I bought a new Mind Craft game for my Wii that I had wanted with my pay. I am also thinking I might be able to afford to go on a trip with some friends like Niagara Falls”.

“The only part of the job I do not like is the food that people put in the garbage. The best part is that I work every day but not all day. It gives me the rest of my day to do whatever I want and have fun, it is just enough, actually it is the perfect job for me.”

Well done Josh!