Adam Thompson has been working full time at Lavender Blue Catering or just over 5 months now. He works in the kitchen as a dishwasher. Adam is a fast learner and takes great pride in his job. He works very hard and tries his best on every shift. He has built a great rapport with his team members. He is learning, growing and improving every day, which has resulted in increased duties including some food prep.
Adam has a passion for singing, dancing and playing the piano. He has been a member of CLD’s Creative Partners on Stage for the last 8 years but has decided to take time off and focus on his employment.
Adam is a member of the choir at Tweedsmuir Presbyterian Church and is working towards a solo performance. He also volunteers with the church’s vacation bible school program in the summer.

Adam has great passion for helping people and his community; he raised $2,000 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and is currently participating in a fundraiser for Community Living Dufferin’s transportation fundraising initiative.

Adam has many goals which include possibly living on his own and taking a trip to Hollywood.

He is a very kind hearted person and his family and friends are very important to him.

Keep up the great work Adam!